Saturday, August 22, 2009

Something new...

More shameless plugs.

The woman who cannot drink to her heart's delight is now a wine consultant-- for Wine Shop at Home. Here's my redirect site: . It'll be fun, though. And I can get away with sipping/tasting wine. Just because I have access doesn't mean that I have to guzzle the stuff.

Though, when it comes to milk...I just can't resist. I bought a quart of milk on the way home from dialysis this morning, and I was so nectarized that I was weeving and bobbing on the highway.

Oh milk! Oh milk! How I love you! One day I'm going to have a new kidney and drink drink drink all the milk I want!

Well, I have something else to promote-- my new blog, . Because I need just one more place to let it all hang, ya know? I've only had the site for a few days, but I've found quite a few things to bitch about. Well, there's never an a lack of that in my life. But I think most of the time it'll be justified-- especially if things go the way I think they are going to go.

Sorry for being cryptic, but if you start reading the new blog, you'll probably understand.

Or just think I'm batshit crazy.

Which I am.

But you know you like me like that. *smile*

Michelle/Treasure is going nitey nite.

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