Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Excellent article on dialysis-- especially on Medicare costs and services

Just read this excellent article on dialysis and Medicare. I will have to take the time to dig into statistics they used for the article. I usually delve into dialysis center stats when I have the time-- being a librarian, certainly helps with that research!

I'm concerned that if we dismantle Medicare that many of us dialysis patients will die, from lack of care. I know the program is imperfect-- but what are the alternatives? I would like to see more competition from non-profit dialysis centers-- but under the current payer system, I don't know how competition is possible. I really admire all that Satellite Healthcare has accomplished, and by, and large, I feel that I have received competent care from Satellite. But I worry about other patients-- how can we improve care-- especially given the current economic and social climate?


  1. What we all need to do now is write our Congressmen and voice our concerns. Especially now that as of Jan 1 the home hemodialysis for 6 days a week is no longer an option they are calling it a premium service. How can it be a premium serivce?

  2. News to me, I do treatments 5-6 days per week.


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