Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sites for Sore Eyes

Thought I would post a couple of links to sites that are worth a look:

Dance for Donors--

All Kidney News--


  1. Nice blog.

    It might have been better to post the links using the add link button in the editor, as silly me sat clicking the test before to slooowly dawned on me that they were words, not a link. Yes, too silly for words on my part.

    Here's another blog and another site that are worth a visit.
    Kidney Dialysis News
    Kidney dialysis information centre

  2. Hi, my name is Megan Stengel and I've started a clothing company for dialysis and other infusion patients. I'm interested in learning more about nocturnal dialysis and if there is any specialty clothing that could make your treatment easier, and I'd just like to ask you some questions in general about it if you don't mind! We try and keep up with those, like yourself, in the dialysis community who blog about what is going on in their lives. Please email me at if you'd be interested in me picking your brain a bit! Thanks and take care!


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