Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Waste of Flesh

*sigh* I didn't really want to start off the New Year of blogging dissing social workers-- but ugh! I don't like contacting the social worker at my center unless I absolutely need to-- but whenever I do put aside my reservations, and turn to the social worker-- it is a disappointment. I have met very few dialysis social workers that are worth their weight in feathers-- let alone, gold. But then, my opinion about social workers is not formed just from the dialysis ranks-- but from having family members, coworkers and friends who have been social workers.

Social workers mean well-- I don't doubt that. But they can be a complainy bunch. I don't know many dialysis patients that really want to hear the dirty details of how difficult the social workers job and/or life is. You want to hear about a difficult life-- ask the patient about all that's going on in her/his life.

And frankly, it doesn't inspire much confidence when the patient/client seems to know more about resources than the social worker. I google the hell out of a subject before I approach a social worker for help-- afterall I'm a librarian, an information professional, and seeking out information is my job.

Ah well, I'm not going to complain any more about this. I have met some really nice, competent social workers-- in other states. Maybe this is just a California thing.

Moving on...

I have been giving more thought to having another kidney transplant-- especially since I may be moving to Texas and the wait for a kidney from a corpse is much shorter. My dear sweet hubby is considering donating to me too (though it's likely we'd have to do one of those swaps-- hubby prolly isn't compatible). Another interesting thing is that several people have suggested that I go overseas to arrange for a transplant. That's an intriguing thing but of course, US physicians will not commit to your follow-up care if you go outside of the US to have a transplant-- even if it is through perfectly-legal channels.

I hope the new decade produces new and effective treatments for kidney disease. I really don't want to remain on dialysis much longer. I am sick of having to arrange my life around dialysis sessions and I'm sick of enduring the pain that accompanies each treatment.

Happy New Year...hehehe.

Um, yeah.

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