Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Pajama Game

Ok, this one will be short and sweet because I'm posting during my break...which is short and sweet, especially if I have the real-butter shortbreads-- but I'm not this time, because I'm doing this instead.

The Pajama Game-- to wear or not wear the pajamas for nitey-nite dialysis. Well, at first I wore my pajamas. I went out and bought a special pair. You know, something that looks cute, but could be sexy. Yes, I need to be sexy for nocturnal dialysis. When else can I say that I slept with 6 or 7 guys in one night?

I wore pajamas the first few nights of nocturnal, and I really thought that everyone else would join in-- but no takers. And I felt foolish, so I started wearing shirts from my strange T-shirt collection and yoga pants. Now that's sexy!

But now we're 3+ months in, and we've added new patients...and there's a pajama wearer. Well, since he's wearing his jammies I'm going to have to start wearing mine again. Maybe a fancy peinoir this time around? Footed jammies? Long johns? Who knows, but I'll be sure to take pics and post them.

I'm wondering what other people wear for their nocturnals?

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