Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I'll show you mine...

Yesterday some personage (I didn't know) came into the nocturnal unit and said he was going to take my picture. *HELLO* give a girl some warning before barging in taking her picture. My response to him was to bend over, but he didn't seem interested in taking a pic of my butt. And it's a most marvelous butt, too, all nice and flat, since I sit/lie on it 8 hours/3 nights a week at dialysis! Hooo! :sir ken;

I think they were taking the pictures for the study to show how much more marvelous we look now that we're on nocturnal. The truth is, I don't look like death-warmed-over now, but I do look like I've aged 20 years. People used to guess my age in my mid-20s...now I look my age-- 46. Sure, the nocturnal will probably help me live longer, but sheesh, I would prefer not to do so looking like some old bag! I used to belong to the (slightly offensive) black-don't-crack crew, for shucks sake! (Google-it, if you don't have a clue).

Yes, a totally vain moment. And I'm entitled, because I'm worth it!...er no... well, maybe not.

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  1. I've been on dialysis for 12 years,2 on hemo and about 10 on peritoneal.Your comments on the nurses hit a home run.I am fairly "talkative" and the center management has volenteered me to talk to every one from other new patients to the local Congressman,Ron Paul.I have always managed to temper my comments,no matter the temptation to tell all.Good luck with getting a kidney.


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