Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Lalala, life goes on

I haven't added a great deal to Nitey Nite lately. because it's pretty much been the "same old same old."  Well, with the exception that I've had a bout of sudden-onset vertigo-- of unknown origin.  And it looks like our dialysis days will be changing from MWF to Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday-- but when, I'm not sure.

Not a lot has changed with my dialysis care. My needles still hurt for most of my 8-hour treatment.  I don't sleep well in the center.  I still have cramps after I nap when I get home after dialysis. 

Well, one thing has changed-- my husband is driving me to dialysis now that I have the vertigo and haven't been cleared to drive yet.  It is nice to have hubby drive me-- but I do kinda miss my independence. I hope I'm never so decrepit that I can't drive myself to dialysis on a regular basis.  I hate waiting, and people who squire dialysis patients around are notoriously late. There's no way I could deal with that.

The vertigo is a nice diversion, in a way. It keeps me from obsessing about new treatments-- like the wearable kidney and stem-cell research.  I guess I'm ready to move on to the next big thing-- because what I'm doing now is just keeping me alive (which is a good thing-- considering the alternative)-- but I want to be healthy again!  There is so much I want to do-- and I just can't manage it-- tied to a dialysis machine-- even one like the NxStage, that travels.

Well, I have to go now and see use my Wii.  I'm hoping that the balancing exercise in Wii Fit help me get my equilibrium back from the vertigo. I'll keep you posted.

Nite nite...


  1. Hi Michelle,

    Your saying you want to get healthy again really resonates with me. That is something my friend Bobby and I talk about a lot. He just wants one of his complications to go away. Just one break. And not knowing what the future holds is scary for him, just like you. He also has been in and out of the hospital a lot lately. Do you have any suggestions on how to cope with some of these feelings that you have surrounding dialysis? He is depressed and I am trying to reach out to people with similar health problems so that they can possibly share their strategies for keeping a good attitude. If you want, you can read his story at:

    Thanks for reading!

  2. A few months ago i donated a kidney to a stranger so my sister, Laura Amador, would receive a live kidney donation from a stranger. I wish the kidney regenerated like to liver, I would donate it to you, and keep donating until the transplant waiting list was zero.

  3. Michelle,

    I work for a dialysis provider and am very interested in your experiences. Please keep sharing as I'm sure your articles help many people get through their treatment, as well.

    Just curious ... where are you dialyzing and with what provider? I wonder if you are treating at one of our facilities.

    Keep your head up!

    - smsimon3

  4. Hey shane..I just realized that I prolly didn't get back to you... email me privately and I'll tell you about the dialysis center I use.

    Thanks for your encouragement!


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